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Broader Horizons

2017-03-14 03:34:36

‘Road to Recovery’ host expands his coverage area to help those battling addictions with his Recovery Army RV. Michael DeLeon, the host of SNJ Today’s “Road to Recovery” program, which can be seen on Comcast Channel 22 in Cumberland County and on WACP throughout the Greater Philadelphia region, is about to take his mission of helping those battling drug addiction on the road. DeLeon founded Steered Straight, a non-profit organization based in Vineland, Cumberland County, to provide educational and prevention intervention opportunities for those battling a drug addiction. Recently, DeLeon purchased an RV that he will be using to travel the country to share stories of recovery. In recent years as the opioid and heroin crisis has turned into a nationwide epidemic, hundreds of thousands of lives have been affected. He plans on visiting schools, jails, treatment programs, and community events to inspire those struggling to get back on track. “I’m excited, I’m a little bit apprehensive, because it’s the biggest leap of faith I’ve ever taken in my life,” says DeLeon. “But we’re in the worst public social health crisis our country has ever seen. We’re going to lose 100,000 people to an overdose. My mission in life is to get these kids to understand the dangers of experimenting with drugs.” DeLeon plans to begin his trip driving around the tristate area before heading down south, with a few trips home in between. DeLeon says that he hopes as he drives around the country to reach out to those who are struggling with drug addiction, that folks who see the RV can see the “Road to Recovery” phone number, and maybe get inspired to help others get on the road to recovery.

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