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2 | DECEMBER 11, 2014 | THE BEACON | FROM ONE A Mary Advent: Bishop kicks off series on the spirituality of Mary tervene, said Bishop Serratelli, who spent 27 FROM 1 examined what Scripture tells us about years teaching Scripture at Immaculate Mary’s role in the Church by looking at im-Conception Seminary at Seton Hall portant details in the story: the Blessed University, South Orange. Mother’s request of Jesus; Jesus’ response “Mary realized that Jesus is the Messiah. to her; and Jesus’ addressing her as Her request is an act of faith. Faith is believ-“woman.” ing before seeing. Mary believes in him and “Mary tells Jesus, ‘They the power of him to do so,” have no wine.’ She notices the said Bishop Serratelli, who lack of wine, not the guests. noted that the miracle also This shows that Mary is never helped the often-doubting dis-a spectator in our lives. She ciples to recognize Jesus as sees our difficulties and initi-the Messiah. ates a solution to our needs. In responding to Mary’s re-She begs the Lord on behalf quest, Jesus speaks words that of our needs, before we even might seem disrespectful, ac-know them. Mary is our in-cording to the following trans-tercessor,” Bishop Serratelli lations: “Woman, what do I said. “Mary also shows confi-have to do?”; “Your concern dence in Jesus. She knows is not mine”; or “Never mind; that he will do something don’t be worried.” Any of about it. Mary is the seat of these translations might seem wisdom; she knows who Jesus as if Jesus refuses his mother. is. She is a role model of faith. B ISHOP S ERRATELLI But Mary does not take it that She is the first to believe in way, as demonstrated by her Jesus and is the best believer. command to the wine stew-After Mary’s act of faith, it comes to fulfill-ard, “Do whatever he tells you to do,” the ment,” the bishop said. bishop said. During the wedding, the Blessed Mother’s A more accurate translation of Jesus’ re-faith encouraged her to tell Jesus, “They have sponse might be: “What is this between you no wine.” She wanted Jesus to act but leaves and me?” — an acknowledgment that some-him with the freedom to act. Even though thing has transpired to change the relation-Mary makes no demands of Jesus, her state-ship between Mary and her son. At Cana, ment is bold, because she asks Jesus to in-Jesus notices a change in Mary’s attitude and the way that she speaks to him. That’s be-cause she recognizes the start of what will become his public ministry. In time, Jesus too puts some distance between his mother and him, as his ministry progresses, Bishop Serratelli said. At Cana, Jesus addresses his mother using a word that many people might find offensive today: “woman.” Yet, ancient Israelites did not consider this title disrespectful. Jesus de-scribes himself as the Son of God in direct relation to the Blessed Mother as “woman.” In the Gospel, Jesus emphasizes that Mary is blessed, not because she is the mother who bore him, but because she believes in him, pointing directly to her role in salvation history, Bishop Serratelli said. “Jesus and Mary are bound by more than flesh and blood. They are bound by the com-mon bond: allegiance and obedience to the Father,” said Bishop Serratelli, who noted that Revelations 12 speaks about a mysteri-ous woman [Mary], who stomps on the head of a serpent [a reference to Satan as a serpent in Garden of Eden story in Genesis]. “Mary is the new Eve, leading us to obedience to the Father.” Following his presentation, Bishop Serratelli answered questions from the audience. “It was nice to have Bishop Serratelli here. It gives people a chance to see him,” said Franciscan Father Frank Sevola, pastor of the Franciscan-run St. Mary’s. “The bish-op is a Scripture expert, so it’s great to hear him speak on something that he is passion-ate about.” “Jesus and Mary are bound by more than flesh and blood. They are bound by the common bond: allegiance and obedience to the Father.” Evangelizing on the Internet: New diocesan website launched date to fruition,” said Sokerka, “and we are very pleased with the result.” But the launch is only a starting point, he said. “Our long-term communications plan for the diocesan site includes improving con-tent regularly, becoming involved in social media and partnering with eCatholic to build a new website for The Beacon.” “This site makes the diocese — a com-plex organization — more understandable to the faithful. It also shows that ‘The Diocese’ includes everyone in the Church of Paterson,” said Barrett, who acknowledged and thanked Joseph Cece, who created the diocese’s previous site and from its incep-tion was webmaster. “Joe Cece provided a great service to the Diocese with the initial build of the original website; he continues to host sites for us and helps us with the content transition to the new site. “We hope the new site is a vehicle to connect the faithful to the ministries of the local Church,” Barrett said. Just a few of what visitors to the site can view are a diocesan calendar; news from The Beacon, as well as live feeds from the Vatican and Catholic web servic-es for up-to-date worldwide Church news; updates on the renovation of St. John’s Cathedral; a directory of priests, deacons and departments and offices; charitable works in diocese and a blog on consecrat-ed life. Visitors can easily search the site by topic, such as finding a list of parishes in the diocese that celebrate a 7 p.m. Mass on Sundays, Father Lambro said. The site provides links to other dioce-san agencies that host their own sites, in-cluding St. Paul Inside the Walls, which now uses the eCatholic platform; Catholic Family and Community Services; Straight and Narrow; the Department for Persons with Disabilities; and the Schools Office, Barrett said, adding the diocese hopes to expand the site to include a directory for deacons and religious. Helping the diocese FROM 1 Life on Purpose A DVENT C ELEBRATION Join Father Paul Manning as he welcomes singer K EATON D OUGLAS for an evening of music, humor, inspiration and reflection on hope, patience, and the coming of Christ. W EDNESDAY , D ECEMBER 17, 2014 FROM 7:30 ­ 9:00 P . M . Register at All are welcome to join us. 205 Madison Avenue Madison, New Jersey 07940 (973) 377­1004 create the site with her programming skills is web developer and computer profession-al Mary Lennon of Our Lady of the Lake Parish, Sparta, who was graduated from both Rev. Brown School and Pope John XXIII Regional High School, both in Sparta. “This new site not only gives the dio-cese a fresh look online, but it also gives us a way to evangelize — to spread the ‘Good News’ of the Gospel,” Sister Catherine said. Father Lambro called the new site “light and bright” and said that it “reflects a Catholic sense of joy, welcoming and community.” He noted that the site even features a section where people can report good things that are happening in the lo-cal Church. “There is so much good news about what the Church is doing. Sometimes it is hard to get the good news out to people so they can be aware of what the Church, and in our case, the Paterson Diocese, is doing. This is similar to what Pope Francis has been trying to achieve — helping peo-ple to know that in the midst of real problems, there is so much good being ac-complished by the Catholic Church. The Beacon tells our story every week, but it is not enough,” said Msgr. James Mahoney, vicar general, moderator of the Curia and pastor of Corpus Christi Parish, Chatham Township. “The new website is another important way of telling the Good News. It will give those who visit the site a rather good understanding of the scope of the work of the diocese and necessary information about all phases of diocesan life. This site is a work in progress that, while diocesan in scope, will also give people an easy way to connect with their parish’s communication efforts as well. We will keep adding to it, changing it, and helping everyone to see the vitality of the Church of Paterson. It is a story worth telling,” he said.

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