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Editor's Letter

New Name, Same Great Content

As this newspaper is rebranded, we remain committed to bringing you positive com m unity stories along with the rest o f the news and entertainment you care about.

You might have noticed something different about the front cover of this week’s issue. We have transitioned from The Grapevine to SNJ Today and that officially kicks off this week. Perhaps the logo that appears atop the front page is the most noticeable change, but more subtle differences have been in the works for the better part of two years.

As m any readers already know, The Grapevine was acquired by SNJ Today in July 2015 and since then, changes to this new spaper’s operation have been overwhelmingly positive.

Our advertisers are the biggest beneficiaries of these improvements as our sales team now offers a fully integrated multiplatform advertising strategy that ensures their marketing messages are consistent in print, television, radio and digital media.

A transformation on the content side is bringing all of our previously separated new s gathering teams into one. This is beneficial to you—our community members and our audience—for submitting your new s tips and event information to one source so that the information can be shared with our radio listeners, TV viewers, new spaper readers, plus those who get their news and information via our digital outlets on their computers, tablets, phones or other mobile devices.

After the acquisition of The Grapevine almost two years ago and the subsequent integration of our staff and operations, we at SNJ Today offered most of our platforms Under one brand name. However, The Grapevine was our only product offered under a separate brand name.

The decision to transition to an SNJ Today-named publication still didn’t come easily because we know m any of our readers, advertisers and other stakeholders identify strongly with The Grapevine name —and we appreciate your loyalty.

Our devoted staff and I raised this new spaper from infancy. While I was saddened last week, knowing we were publishing the last issue of what has been referred to as “The Grapevine” our commitment to the residents of Cumberland County and telling their stories is stronger than ever.

We remain committed to the editorial mission established for The Grapevine back in 2008, which mirrors the vision and mission of SNJ Today: We’re devoted to being the leader of innovative storytelling...and we’re committed to telling the positive stories that make southern New Jersey a great place to live, work, and play.

We believe this mission and vision should dominate our news coverage because we believe, in the words of our CEO, Ken Pustizzi, “T here are more good people doing good things in our area than there are bad people doing bad things.”

And so, our new spaper name transition is your reminder that SNJ Today is one company and we continue to be your primary source for local, positive new s and information.

— Mike Epifanio , Editor & Publisher

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